Tashkent: Capital of Uzbekistan

Too frequently passed over in favour of the Silk Road’s UNESCO stars, Tashkent is a cosmopolitan crucible of historic architecture and Islam, Soviet town planning and propaganda, and 21st-century nation building. Tashkent is Uzbekistan’s capital city, politically and economically, but it also has more than 2,500 years of history, and a vibrant cultural identity exhibited through its many museums and galleries, theatres, concert halls, restaurants, and bazaars. Taking a trip on Tashkent Metro is a must for any tourist in Tashkent.

If you are planning a trip to Tashkent, you should start by reading Perfect Day: Tashkent for inspiration. There are dozens of exciting tourist attractions in the city, plus varied activities which keep tourists and locals alike entertained. The restaurants in Tashkent are the most diverse in Uzbekistan, catering to every taste. Don’t miss the famous Central Asia Plov Centre, where you can see Uzbekistan’s national dish made in cauldrons for hundreds of diners at a time!

Tourist Attractions in Tashkent

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