Margilan is in the southern part of the Fergana Valley and is one of the region’s oldest cities, with a history dating back at least 2,000 years. Some legends suggest it may have been founded by Alexander the Great. What we do know is that Margilan was built on a crossroads where Silk Road caravans passed through on their journey to China, and it became an important centre for trade and textiles production. Margilan’s silks are famous to the present day. For many people, Margilan is synonymous with silk production. The weaving industry dates back centuries, but boomed in the Soviet period with the establishment of modern factories such as the Margilan Silk Factory and the Yodgorlik Silk Factory. For tourists, Yodgorlik is the more interesting of the two, as the full production process takes place here, from the feeding of silkworms on mulberry leaves, through dyeing and spinning, to the weaving of finished fabrics. Guided tours are available, and the factory focuses on the preservation of traditional weaving techniques, rather than volume of production.

For those less interested in textiles, Margilan has plenty of other sites to keep you engaged for a day or two. Kuntepa Bazaar is always lively, you can relax in the Istirokhat Bogi Park, and there are two attractive mosques. Khonakhan Mosque dates from the 16th century and has been recently restored by the Ministry of Culture; and the Toron Mosque (19th century) now houses the Margilan Crafts Development Centre.

  • Istirokhat Bogi Park
  • Khonakhan Mosque
  • Kuntepa Bazaar
  • Margilan Silk Factory
  • Toron Mosque
  • Yodgorlik Silk Factory

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