Andijan is one of the oldest cities in the fertile Fergana Valley. Thought to have been founded 2,500 years ago, it was a major trading point on the Great Silk Road, and the ancient craft centre of the region.

Today Andijan is the third largest city in Uzbekistan (after Tashkent and Samarkand), with a population of about 425,00 people. It is the administrative, industrial, engineering, and agricultural centre of the Andijan region, the easternmost area of the country.

Andijan is famous for its handicrafts, so be sure to arrange a crafts tour during your visit. This will give you the opportunity to meet artisans in their workshops, learn about their pottery, woodwork and, of course, weaving, and buy souvenirs and gifts directly from the producers.  Andijan’s textiles – khan atlas, adras, and silk – are especially fine. When buying knives and other such items, don’t forget to ask the craftsman for a certificate confirming the object’s authenticity and that it is a souvenir.

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