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Visit Uzbekistan Tours – is not a usual sightseeing of a new place, but everyday of the tour is fulflled with the new experiences – immersion intoculture,art, history and lifestyle of people from the region you visit.

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“All my efforts, projects and initiatives are united by one idea – to contribute to the promotion of Uzbekistan.
For a couple of years now, there has been a tendency for unique experiences in the world. People no longer want to be just spectators. They want to be a part of reality, to immerse into local lifestyle, to try to make something with their own hands, be it pilaf or jewelry.
During the pandemic, everyone was a little discouraged, both those who used to receive guests and the travelers themselves. Therefore, I wanted to create a new impetus to boost tourist fows and develop domestic tourism. With the help of our magazine Visit Uzbekistan, by inviting guests and organizing unique events. It makes me happy when you fnd like-minded people and support from all sides.
Surprisingly, people responded very quickly, got ignited by the trip and did not regret it. In practice, it became a journey of friends, and even those who met each other for the frst time, immediately became one family. After all, we all do a common cause. Creative personalities, offcials, journalists, photographers, business people – we all enjoy the opportunity to promote the heritage and potential of our country. Uniting our efforts, we get quite different results.
For me, this is a platform for more discoveries, contemplation and pleasure from the process, chats with truly interesting people. We invest our resources and talents in order to depict new facets of our country. Very proud to receive support, we, in collaboration, can always create something unusual and what will leave a trace, will be remembered, will sound. It is not always possible to explain our motives logically, but to live in such a way as to love what you do and do what you love is a reward in itself ”

Who are these tours for?

For expats and Uzbekistan visitors who are fed up with usual and obvious tourist paths. For those who is seeking for new travel patterns among inspired like-minded people.

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