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Visit Uzbekistan is the leading magazine for tourists and business visitors to Uzbekistan, providing practical information for travellers, as well as original content about culture, history, art, gastronomy, and events. We have published more than 20 issues in 14 languages. You can read the most recent issues of Visit Uzbekistan magazine by clicking on the covers below, or see the magazine archive at Issuu.

Each issue of Visit Uzbekistan magazine is curated to be a window onto life and culture in Uzbekistan. We commission the best contemporary designers and photographers in Uzbekistan to produce our iconic cover images and photo shoots, so every issue of the magazine is imaginative and visually rich. 


Inside the magazine, you will also find a selection of original, thought-provoking articles. We write about everything from artists and performers to places to eat and stay, as well as special events, helpful phrases to learn and use during your trip to Uzbekistan, and more. Our writers include local and international experts on Uzbekistan, so you will find a wide variety of well-informed perspectives to enrich your understanding and appreciation of Uzbekistan.


The five most recent issues of Visit Uzbekistan magazine are on show in the gallery above. Click on the covers to have a read. If you want to view our archive of all the issues we have published, including our very first issue from 2017, you can access them all in the Visit Uzbekistan magazine archive here.