Visas for Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is visa free for 86 nationalities, so if you are visiting for less than 30 days, you probably won’t need to apply for a visa at all. But if you are from a country which does require a visa, you can make use of Uzbekistan’s evisa programme and get your visa to visit Uzbekistan quickly and conveniently online. We have outlined below who needs a visa for Uzbekistan, information on Uzbekistan’s visa process, and other helpful visa details you might need.

DO I NEED A VISA FOR UZBEKISTAN? Since 2018, Uzbekistan has had a visa free regime which enables the citizens of 86 countries to visit Uzbekistan without a visa. For most nationalities – including all EU citizens and visitors from neighbouring countries – the visa waiver is for trips up to 30 days, and visitors from China can enter without a visa for up to 7 days. The full list of countries entitled to visa-free travel in Uzbekistan is below:

Uzbekistan’s visa-free regime is applicable regardless of the purpose of your trip: it doesn’t matter if you are travelling to Uzbekistan for business or as a tourist. You should show your passport on arrival in Uzbekistan, and will get a stamp at immigration. You can then remain in Uzbekistan for 30 days. If you want to stay in Uzbekistan for longer than 30 days, you will either need to leave the country and re-enter, or apply for a visa before you travel to Uzbekistan.



HOW DO I GET AN EVISA FOR UZBEKISTAN? If you do not qualify for visa free travel in Uzbekistan, you should apply for a visa before you travel. Evisas are available for an additional 57 nationalities, including US passport holders. The evisa is valid for 30 days, and you can apply online at the official Uzbekistan evisa website. The evisa is valid for 90 days from the date of approval, but you can only stay in Uzbekistan for 30 days during that period.



HOW MUCH DOES AN UZBEKISTAN EVISA COST? The cost of a single entry evisa for Uzbekistan is $20. This prices increases to $35 for a double entry evisa, and $50 for a multi entry evisa. You can pay by card when you apply online, and the evisa will be emailed to your as a PDF attachment.


MORE INFORMATION ABOUT UZBEKISTAN VISAS If you need to know more about visas for Uzbekistan, full details are available on the Uzbekistan Travel website here. You can also read the “Need to know” section of the official Uzbekistan evisa website, or contact your closest Uzbek Embassy.