Getting Around Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has a good transport network which makes it easy to travel all across the country. For long journeys, there are affordable domestic flights to almost 20 airports, and you can also take the excellent high speed train to several important cities, including the Silk Road highlights Bukhara and Samarkand.

FLIGHTS IN UZBEKISTAN Uzbekistan has a comprehensive network of domestic flights. Uzbekistan Airways operates routes between almost 20 airports, so if you fly you can get almost anywhere in Uzbekistan in a couple of hours. Airline tickets in Uzbekistan are not expensive, and the planes are modern and clean. You can book airline tickets online, or request them from local ticketing agents. In addition to the scheduled flights, it is also possible to charter Uzbekistan Airways’ planes and helicopters: the latter are particularly popular for heli-skiing in Tashkent Region in winter.



TRAINS IN UZBEKISTAN The railways were first built in Uzbekistan in the 19th century, but there has been ongoing investment in infrastructure. The high speed train, Afrosiyob, is the best in Central Asia, and makes it possible to get from Tashkent to Samarkand in just over two hours. The same trains (built by the Spanish company Talgo) also go to Navoi and Bukhara, and the line has been extended as far as Khiva, so you can travel the heart of the Silk Road by train. The Afrosiyob is air conditioned and very comfortable, as well as quick, so tickets are in high demand, especially in summer. Make sure you book them well in advance.

Older diesel trains operate on railway lines across Uzbekistan. Almost all cities are accessible by train, though some routes are slow. Getting there can be part of the adventure, and there are good opportunities for people watching onboard, as well as time to admire the scenery. You can check the train schedule for all Uzbekistan Railways’ services online, and also book train tickets in Uzbekistan, here

Tashkent Metro is the only subway in Uzbekistan, and it is superb. The older stations date from the Soviet period and are fantastically decorated with artworks, mosaics, chandeliers, and gilt. The metro system is continually expanding, and the newest stations opened in 2020. The metro is efficient, spotlessly clean, and costs approximately $0.10 per ticket. It is highly recommended for getting around Tashkent.



UZBEKISTAN BY ROAD If you are travelling with a group in Uzbekistan, the local tour operator will likely arrange a modern, air conditioned coach or minibus for you. These are the most popular forms of transport for tourists, and are a comfortable way to travel long distances by road. If you are travelling independently, we recommend hiring a car and driver, though self-drive options are also possible from rental companies such as Sixt

Public transport (buses, minibuses, and trams) is widely available in Uzbekistan’s cities, as are taxis. Yandex is a popular ride hailing app akin to Uber, and it gives you fixed price rides. Shared taxis are also common, and a cheap way to travel between cities. It is possible to hitchhike in Uzbekistan, and generally safe to do so, though you should take the usual precautions.