Visit Uzbekistan Business Club

Supporting Uzbekistan’s economic and tourism growth is key for the Visit Uzbekistan team. We therefore launched the Visit Uzbekistan Business Club with our international partners to help public and private sector stakeholders develop the tourism sector, enabling Uzbekistan to realise its tourism potential.

There are many benefits to joining the Visit Uzbekistan partnership. These include:

  • Collective B2B and B2C marketing;
  •  Hospitality and communications training;
  • Representation at international trade fairs and consumer travel shows;
  • Market reports and analysis;
  • B2B networking opportunities in Uzbekistan and abroad;
  • Access to international consultants and service providers;
  • Designated website and social media channels.
Meet the members of the Visit Uzbekistan Advisory Council:

If you would like more information about the Visit Uzbekistan Business Club, do ask us for a presentation, or we can answer your questions by phone and email.

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